Protect Yourself From Unlicensed Tree Companies

We want you to be informed as a consumer about hiring tree companies. Please read the following information for your safety:

  • Tree Care in Maryland is regulated by the State of Maryland through the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Companies are required to be a Licensed Tree Expert (LTE) Includes tree pruning and removal of trees over 20 feet in height.

The Maryland Tree Expert Law addresses how and what tree care work can be done (for payment) in the state of Maryland.

To obtain a license, the following is required:

  • Must have college-level tree education plus one year of experience under an LTE.
  • OR - Five years of experience under an LTE.
  • Must pass the Maryland tree exam.
  • Carry liability and property damage insurance.
  • The license is a two-year license and must be renewed every two years without exception.

Look for Red Flags:

State law requires written estimates (verbal agreements put you at risk).

READ the entire estimate before signing. 

  • Understand your financial obligations (including deposits) within the terms of the contract. 
  • Ask for their license number and confirm that it is up to date.
  • If any company is offering a “great rate', make sure to check their insurance coverage before you sign.

Know your Rights as a Consumer:

If you still have questions and/or concerns, please contact eos Tree Services.

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