Protect Your Property with Our Erosion and Sediment Control Services


Homeowners often struggle with finding that delicate balance between overwatering and underwatering. While overwatering can be dangerous and constitute a waste of resources, underwatering can put your lawn and lush landscaping at risk. Oftentimes, watering issues arise from erosion and poor sediment control. That’s why we offer erosion control services.

eos Outdoor Services has what it takes to address this problem and help you strike that tricky watering balance. Our landscaping management experience over the years puts us in the best position to evaluate your landscaping needs, recommend, and implement the necessary solutions. Trust that our trained and certified technicians will go above and beyond to control erosion and sedimentation for your lawn, whether large or small, and assist you in your stormwater management needs.

We will also thoroughly inspect your landscaping to identify issues that can put your property and landscaping at risk. We are familiar with delicate problems that require customized solutions to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy and lush.

Controlling Erosion Saves Your Landscaping

Sediment erosion is a big threat to your landscaping and its ability to thrive. It is characterized by the washing away of the top, nutrient-rich soil by rain, human activity, or wind. Removing this upper layer of soil reduces the quality of your soil structure, causes nutrient loss, and minimizes water holding capacity. If your yard is experiencing recurrent erosion, our sediment control services can help!

Our trained experts don’t just jump on any project without the correct information. We address each project uniquely, inspecting and investigating the soil, gathering information, and determining the best sediment control devices to use. We go one step further to offer guarantees on the quality of services we render. Our water erosion and sediment control solutions are guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

Why Pay Attention To Erosion Control Services?

There are many reasons you should be proactive about erosion problems in your yard. Some of the more important reasons include;

A beautifully maintained garden at a  residential home.
EOS Lawn Erosion Control Services

Improved Soil Quality

The constant washing away of topsoil from your property can strip it of the necessary nutrients needed for your landscape to remain green and lush. In addition, erosion can cost you more money in fertilization, mulching, and other nutrient-retention practices. Paying attention to advice and recommendations from our erosion control contractors can save you extra costs, improve nutrient retention, and improve the appeal and appearance of your landscape.

Reduced Water Usage

Erosion control can help you to better identify the areas on your property or lawn that require consistent watering. Doing this improves water use efficiency, saves water, combats erosion, and reduces your overall cost on utility.

Healthy Landscape

Residential erosion control offers you a clear path to maintaining a healthy landscape. By combating erosion and its effects, you can conveniently retain nutrients and moisture in your lawn and improve the health of your trees, shrubs, and grasses.

Our Erosion Control Measures

Dealing with erosion and its effects can be draining and devastating. At eos Outdoor Services, we come to the rescue with an array of erosion control measures designed around the problem. Our recommendations and solutions are based on an understanding of the problem and the best approach to solving it.

We address erosion and sedimentation problems using measures like;

  • Silt Fence
  • Super Silt Fence
  • Reinforced Silt Fence
  • Temporary Stabilization
  • Stabilized Construction Entrances
  • Dewatering Services
  • Construction of ESC Structures and Practices

Why Choose eos Outdoor Services

Licensed and Insured Contractors

Our erosion control contractors are licensed and insured with years of hands-on experience effectively controlling erosion. You can expect to enjoy turn-key solutions addressing residential and commercial challenges.

Fast & Reliable

We realize how damaging the effects of erosion can be. We take each project seriously, responding to your calls quickly and moving fast to address the problem.

High-Quality Construction Management

Expect a combination of the best materials sourced from trusted manufacturers and suppliers and expert-level craftsmanship.