eos Outdoor Services keeps your yard beautiful and clean all year round by offering an array of landscape maintenance services. One of the very crucial services we render is our Fall clean up landscaping solution. Our trained landscape cleanup team in Ellicott City understands the importance of maintaining a clean and attractive landscape, and we help you achieve that despite your busy schedule. We do everything that is necessary pre-and during the fall season.

Our Fall yard cleanup services in Ellicott City get rid of the piles of leaves that have fallen from your trees and plants. We know how demanding the task can be, so we absolve you of that responsibility. We clean up your yard, get rid of the wet, decaying leaves, rake back and forth to comb your landscape and dispose of the waste appropriately.

Our Fall landscaper cleanup service in Ellicott City helps prevent the risks associated with accumulated leaves left unattended. We help to protect your grasses, shrubs, and trees from pest problems, fungi attacks, and diseases that may arise from such maintenance lag. Our fall clean-up service also includes perennials trimming at your Ellicott City property to prevent damages and equip them to bounce back stronger and healthier.

Some of the services included in our fall landscape cleanup include;

Leaf Raking and Removal

Cutting Back Perennials

Annuals Removal

Shrubs Pruning

Gutter Cleaning

Rest assured that we have the right professionals for the job. The glowing reviews we’ve received from past customers say it all. Our services are reliable and competitively priced – designed just for you. Contact us now to explore our fall landscape cleanup services in Ellicott City as well as other lawn and tree care services we offer.