Maryland Pond Inspections:
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eos Outdoor Services is a full-service outdoor maintenance company that performs stormwater pond maintenance and inspection services for industrial and commercial clients throughout Maryland. We have experienced technicians and contractors equipped with the latest tools and machinery to perform the job excellently. Our team is happy to discuss your stormwater pond management needs after an initial inspection of your site to get a full picture of what needs to be done.

We are focused on ensuring that your ponds, lakes, and stormwater retention basins are properly managed. We have a team of experts on the job to help you maintain the highest quality outcomes. Our team is certified, has years of experience, and practical knowledge needed to handle any stormwater pond management needs.

We also provide customized solutions to our clients, helping them maintain balance while keeping the environment free from pollutants. Need a stormwater pond maintenance company that’ll keep you compliant with wastewater management guidelines? Contact us at eos Outdoor Services.

Why You Need Pond Inspection Services

There’s an increasing demand for stormwater management service providers, especially due to the stricter enforcement of ordinances at the municipal level. eos Outdoor Services comes to your rescue by providing the solutions you need to remain compliant with local laws and regulations. We are familiar with the design and function of every type of stormwater pond, this makes us a perfect ally for you. 


Our stormwater pond maintenance technicians give you the peace of mind you deserve by handling all of the key inspection tasks you may need. We have a long inspection checklist updated regularly to keep you compliant with Maryland laws and municipality regulations, and ensure that we will address any problems that may be affecting your stormwater pond’s operation. 


With our stormwater pond maintenance service, cities and clients will be able to;


  • Prevent flooding by suppressing the surges of stormwater runoff from paved surface, lawns, and buildings. 
  • Protect and improve water quality by capturing runoffs in basins for longer periods, allowing natural processes to remove impurities, pollutants, and sediments, before the water is released into the environment.


Looking for Maryland pond inspection professionals? Contact eos Outdoor Services to get started.


Why Choose Us For Your Maryland Pond Inspections?

Licensed and Insured Contractors

Trust that we have some of the best stormwater pond contractors in the area. Our team brings years of hands-on and practice experience to each job. We get on the job, design and plan the solution, and deliver excellent outcomes that’ll keep you compliant with local ordinances.

Fast & Reliable

We have a goal, to complete your stormwater project needs in as little time as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards. Trust that we will get on the job quickly, use the right equipment, and deliver a satisfactory outcome that’ll beat your quality expectations.

High-Quality Client & Service Management

eos Outdoor Services takes pride in taking the proper steps and procedures to ensure calculated success. Trust that we will combine the best hands and equipment with our expertise to deliver excellently on your stormwater pond inspection, repair, maintenance, and compliance needs.