Landscape Edging: What Are Your Options?

If you want to keep your Howard County lawn, flowerbeds, and groundcover areas looking clean, attractive, and professional, landscape edging is vital. It can be as simple as a shallow trench (a “natural edge”) or as solid as a concrete barrier. But whichever landscape edging option you choose, it’s important to know the pros and…

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4 Drought Resistant Plants to Withstand Maryland’s Scorch

drought resistant plants

When it comes to the weather, Maryland is not typically a place of happy mediums. Winters are often frigid and snow-covered, while the unrelenting summer swelter can make the slightest outdoor activity a chore. For residential landscapes and gardens, these record-setting temps can spell certain doom for plant life, unless precautions are taken and specific…

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Revitalize Your Lawn with These 4 Residential Hardscapes

residential hardscapes

A meticulously manicured lawn, perfectly coiffed trees and shrubs, and a breathtaking flower garden just bursting with color: it’s all for naught without a place to recline, relax, and take in the scenery. More than anything, landscaping is about striking a balance between softscapes – the living, horticultural components of your lawn and garden –…

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The Importance of Estate Landscape Maintenance

Estate landscape maintenance is a substantial undertaking involving prominent, picturesque grounds and one-of-a-kind residences. It requires the skills of a professional contractor who is not only equipped to tackle the sheer acreage of your property, but who also understands how to best care for the incredible investment at hand. When searching for a landscaping contractor…

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