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Whether you want to draw attention to the unique architectural features of your home; extend your outdoor living space long after the sun goes down; or simply provide some added security to your home, eos Outdoor Lighting Installation Services in Ellicott City can provide the landscape lighting for your private residence or estate.


commercial landscape lighting

LED Accent & Architectural Lighting

We offer a full range of landscape lighting options in Ellicott City to meet any outdoor lighting needs.

Pool Lighting

There's nothing more inviting on a warm summer night than a well-lit pool glowing in the darkness.

Patio & Deck Lighting

Whether you're entertaining large gatherings or sitting down to a quiet family meal, the right lighting makes a big difference in your enjoyment of your patio or deck.

Garden Lighting

Unobtrusive or a design feature - garden lighting styles run the full gamut. We'll help you choose the perfect lighting style for your yard, as well as the number you'll need and the best placement for each one.

Path & Walkway LIghting

Keep yourself and your guests safe with ample lighting along walkways, paths, and other areas where people may walk with the help of our outdoor lighting installation team in Ellicott City.


Shine a light on key features in your landscape so they get the attention they deserve.

Top Rated Landscape Lighting Services in Ellicott City, Maryland

Leading the Way with LEDs

LED Retrofit Service

Energy-efficient LEDs are available in a wide range of styles. Nearly every traditional lighting option can be replaced with an LED.

eos’s LED landscape lighting services in Ellicott City offer an abundance of benefits. Did you know? LED lamps are:

  • Low-voltage - LED lamps are low-voltage and result in an energy savings of up to 80 percent.
  • Low-maintenance  -LED lamps are extremely low-maintenance.
  • Longer-lasting - LED lamps offer up to 50,000 hours of usage.
  • Higher-quality - LED lamps are 10 times more durable than normal light bulbs.
  • Eco-friendly - LED lamps give off no hazardous waste and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Safer and cooler - LED lamps are safer and cooler to the touch.
  • Eligible for tax rebates - LED lamps are eligible for tax rebates and other local incentives.

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