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Every home and business needs to pay attention to its surroundings and the presence of any safety threats. Although trees are an important part of the ecosystem, they can be hazardous in some cases. The remains of dead trees, in the form of tree stumps, can pose a real safety threat to properties and their owners. At eos Tree Services, we go the extra mile by making sure that our customers have access to the best stump grinding and removal services.

Whether the tree stump was a result of dead and fallen trees or a diseased tree, we can help. Our professional tree stump removal service is available to customers across Howard County and throughout Maryland. When you choose eos, you can enjoy a wide range of service benefits.


Professional tree stump removal services

A licensed and insured company

Cleanup and tree stump haulage after removal

Residential and commercial stump grinding

Available across Maryland

100% satisfaction guarantee

Do You Need To Remove Tree Stumps?

Trees are important, whether dead or alive. Healthy trees are a source of ground cover or shade for humans. They also help to recycle human respiratory waste, serve as a windbreak, and provide shelter for animals. When dead, they serve as food for pests like termites. Leaving a tree stump on your property not only gives pests like termites an open invitation to your property, but it also constitutes a risk to your safety. Leaving tree stumps in place can also affect new constructions. Grinding or removing the residual tree stump can eliminate the potential threats and improve the safety and appearance of your property.

Our stump removal cost is affordable and our solution is designed to keep your property safe. Contact us today if you need to remove a stubborn stump.

Why Experience Matters

When it comes to tree grinding and stump removal service, you need an experienced company that knows what they’re doing. Choosing a licensed and insured company isn’t enough, you need a company whose staff members are safety conscious and use the right equipment. Here at eos Tree Services, we not only take care of your property, we make sure that we complete the job in a safe and effective manner. Trust that our stump removal services are done with sophisticated tools that’ll excavate the stump and leave your land cleared for any purpose.


Our stump grinding services also guarantee that stubborn stumps will be ground to just inches above ground level. We make sure to deliver exceptional services wherever we go.

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What to Expect from Eos Tree Services

When in need of a stump removal company that has your best interest at heart, contact us at eos Tree Services. We are more about showing our customers that we care for them. Are you looking for stump grinding in my area? Our team responds quickly, schedules an appointment with you, arrives early, provides a reasonable quote for the service, and gets the job done.

Our process is hassle-free and our cost for stump grinding is competitive. Contact us today!