Tree Cabling/Bracing

Bracing, Cabling, and Other Tree Support Services

Custom design for each individual tree

Trees improve your landscape and also protect your property from heavy winds and sun. In the summer, trees serve as a great source of shade; and in the winter season, they can help protect your home from poor weather conditions. If your trees become weakened or structurally unsound, preventative measures such as tree cabling my be essential to keeping your trees - and your property - safe.

At eos Tree Services, we offer tree cabling services to customers whose trees have become weak or have a poor structure. With this solution, we are able to reduce the stress and load on your trees, thus making them less vulnerable to the effects of heavy winds, heavy foliage, and the weight of ice and snow.

Our certified arborists and tree care experts are familiar with the best ways to steady your trees to avoid falls or other common hazards. We use flexible steel strand cables and braces, where appropriate, to hold weak tree limbs and branches in place. Our arborists can also inspect your trees to identify the weak points. Our comprehensive tree inspection also covers the tree’s bark, stems, and other areas that may signal weakness and threaten lives and properties.
Our tree maintenance services do not stop at cabling trees or tree bracing; we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the very best outcome for your trees.

Why Choose Eos Tree Services for Professional Tree Cabling/Bracing

Asking the right questions is the first step towards choosing the best tree service company for your tree support installation. Wonder why we are the best tree cabling and bracing company for your needs?

Our reviews from past and present customers speak for themselves

We bring years of experience and a high level of professionalism to every job

We have the right tools and equipment to get the job done

Our prices are competitive

We offer an array of tree care and tree health services to keep your trees in great shape

When Do You Need Tree Cabling/Bracing

Not all trees require the installation of a tree support system. Some signs indicate weakness in trees that shouldn’t be ignored. Watch out for the following signs and call us:

Leaning Trees With A Visible Root System

Your tree’s root system is its anchor to the ground. Ideally, the tree’s root is expected to be embedded below the ground, where it derives support and nutrients. If your tree is leaning and its roots are visible on the far side, there’s a high chance that its stability has been compromised. Leaving your tree with its root exposed can predispose you, your property, and others to tree falls and related hazards. Call us for tree cabling near me services to protect your tree and keep your household and property safe.

Dead Tree Branches

Sometimes, dead tree branches are an indication of a greater problem. Contact us at eos Tree Services when you notice this problem. Our tree experts will meet with you promptly to check your trees for additional problems and provide you with options for treating or bracing your trees.

Cracked Trunks Caused by Lightning

Lightning strikes are often devastating to tree trunks. If your tree has been affected by lightning and is left with a cracked trunk and burns, you should call our team. Our arborists and tree care professionals will inspect your tree, address the injury and provide the support it needs pending its full recovery. Failure to attend to your tree in this condition can lead to severe damages.

Large Crack or Craters on Tree Trunks

Cracks on tree trunks are indicative of a bigger problem. When left unattended, these cracks may become openings for secondary infections that may ultimately kill your tree. Our arborists can help you to address this problem. We provide the needed support to your ailing tree while nursing it back to health.

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Other signs to watch out for include:


  • Trees with branches that touch the ground
  • Trees with green or greenish-gray fungus growing on the trunks or branches
  • Young trees in danger of heavy storms or moderate wind
  • Trees with missing or fallen barks
  • Trees battling with carpenter ant infestation or trees damaged from similar burrowing activities

Preparing Your Trees for Severe Weather

Severe storms can be dangerous to your trees. Your property may also suffer damages when your tree isn’t properly prepared for the storm season. Our team here at eos Tree Services helps customers protect their homes and businesses by providing storm preparation for trees prior to heavy rain or damaging winds. To protect our customers and reduce the risk of wreckage, we provide the following:


  • Cable weak tree branches and limbs
  • Prune and trim trees to reduce risks
  • Strengthen tree roots by cabling tree trunks

What to Expect from Eos Tree Services Tree Support

At eos Tree Services, we maintain transparency across all of the services that we offer. When you contact us for tree care, tree cabling, or bracing, we offer:

Customized Cabling and Bracing Design

Because each tree is different, you can rest assured that our certified arborists will create a custom cabling and bracing design that’s specific to your tree’s needs.

Structural Assessment Of Your Tree

We will carry out a structural assessment of your tree to understand the best way to cable or brace it. Our cable tree service is competitively priced and designed to keep your tree and property safe.

Pruning Of The Weakest Branches

Weak branches are a potential hazard waiting to happen. We will identify the weak branches and prune them as appropriate.

Remove Dead Or Dying Limbs

We will inspect for dead or dying tree limbs and remove them before they cause damage. Need help bracing a tree? Contact us today at eos Tree Services.