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Trees can be as equally dangerous as they are beneficial. A healthy tree offers an array of benefits to the tree owner and their property; however, a failing or unhealthy tree is a risk to lives and properties. Therefore, a tree inspection service is essential to detect tree problems and address them before they become a major issue.

Here at eos Tree Services, we offer tree inspection services to tree owners in and around the communities we serve. Our tree inspection services focus on identifying the problems affecting your trees and addressing those issues to avoid tree-related hazards.

Reasons to Regularly Inspect Your Trees

Are you wondering just how important inspecting your trees can be, and if it’s worth the hassle of hiring an arborist or tree inspector? Here are a few of the reasons that a tree inspection cost is more affordable than you think, and how it can save you in the long run.


Detect Tree Infections Early

Your routine visit to your dentist or general practitioner is aimed at preventing possible dental or health problems. The same can be said about tree inspections. Tree inspection services can help you determine infections at their earliest stages. Remember that it is always easier to detect and treat health problems early. Our tree inspector can detect tree problems at their earliest stages and recommend the right treatments to give your trees a fighting chance.

Identify Structural Damages

Trees often suffer structural damages that may be a result of natural or external causes. Our certified arborists can detect possible structural damages caused by construction activities, incorrect tree trimming and pruning, or others. We can also design appropriate plans to address the problem.

Improve Safety

Undetected tree problems put lives and properties at risk. Leaving your tree unattended can lead to tree falls that can injure humans or pets, crush vehicles, or destroy a part of your property. Through tree inspection, we identify the problem early and recommend the best solution, whether cabling, bracing, or dead tree removal.

Determine Watering Needs

Water and nutrients are two important factors necessary for tree growth. Knowing the amount of water your tree needs to survive will help conserve water and prevent waterlogging. Our arborists can help to determine what your tree needs and in what amount.

Determine Soil Requirement

The soil is the largest source of tree nutrients. It also serves as a point of anchorage where the tree roots fix themselves for support. Our arborists can determine what your tree needs based on the condition of the soil. We can also help you to choose the best soil to improve your tree’s health.


What is a Tree Inspection Service?

Before hiring a company to provide tree inspection near me, you ought to know what a tree inspection is and why it is important. Here at eos Tree Services, we make sure that our customers are familiar with all of the services that we offer, why we offer them, and how they benefit them.

Our tree inspection service is designed to carefully examine your tree to determine its health. We have experienced arborists who perform the inspection and offer you a detailed report at the end of the examination. Our arborists will evaluate the tree’s structure and its surrounding soil. We will also determine whether the tree is healthy or diseased. Finally, we will identify if there are pest problems or whether your tree is malnourished. We will also advise on whether your tree or property is at risk.

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Types of Tree Survey/ Inspection

Our certified arborists and tree inspectors offer an array of tree inspection services to meet customers’ needs. Our tree inspection services include;

Walk-Over Tree Inspection

This type of tree inspection is perfect for residential and commercial property owners who have a large population of trees on their property. Our arborists are happy to walk over, inspect the trees generally through visual appraisal, and note any problems they discover. We ensure that each tree is checked from top to bottom and that any damages or unusual activities are noted to be taken care of.

This type of inspection service is cost-effective for customers who wish to have several trees inspected at once.

Full Tree

Our full tree survey service is more comprehensive. For this type of tree inspection, we add a bit more focus to each tree, looking for more subtle details that relay information about the tree’s health and security. Commercial and residential tree owners with a collection of trees can explore this option to maintain tree health.

Climbed Tree

This is a more detailed, up-close and personal type of inspection. Each tree gets the full and undivided attention of our certified arborists. We make sure that every aspect of each tree is inspected, from the foliage to the branches, stems, and root system. We will produce a report at the end of the inspection and offer recommendations where necessary.

When you need a tree inspection service done by professionals, contact eos Tree Services for help.