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Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. They offer an array of benefits, including conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen, protection from strong winds, and providing shade. Tree trimming and pruning are critical to maintaining the health and wellness of your trees. When trimming and pruning are done right, they also stimulate proper growth and help trees to retain their natural appearance.

At eos Tree Services, we know that tree trimming is no easy task for you to undertake on your own. To help you make sure that your trees are properly trimmed and maintained, you can turn to our tree experts! Our tree trimming service saves you from some of the common errors associated with DIY trimming, including incorrect trimming, severe damage to your tree, the unintentional introduction of diseases, as well as safety issues.

Our tree trimming professionals are specially trained and have years of experience under their belt. They can help with all branch trimming needs, whether yours is a tall or short tree. We have studied the biology of trees and recognize how best to trim each Maryland tree type for the best possible outcome. Our tree trimmers also have the right tools that help them to skillfully eliminate or reduce the chances of damages that may hinder your tree’s health or growth.

When you need the best among tree trimming companies in your community, call eos Tree Services.

When Is The Best Time To Prune Trees?

As a tree owner, you need all of the information you can get to maintain your tree’s health. Tree trimming and when to do it is part of this important class of information. At eos Tree Services, we offer tree pruning services anytime between the early spring and fall seasons. We also offer dormant pruning in late fall or during the winter months.

Pruning during the winter season offers some advantages, including disease management. Trust that our team is familiar with the different tree pruning techniques that’ll benefit your tree.

Preventing Diseases with Tree Pruning

Our local tree trimming services at eos Tree Services are designed with your interest in mind. We realize the importance of trees to our ecosystem and know how important your trees are to you. Our tree trimming and pruning services are aimed at preventing diseases and increasing your tree’s health and wellness.

Our local experts open up the canopy structure with the right techniques to allow light and air to filter through the entirety of the tree. This action encourages the tree to produce more foliage and decreases the risk of tree diseases. We ensure that each tree is carefully inspected to ensure that they are benefiting from our services.

Besides increased foliage, tree pruning also discourages nutrient stealing by water sprouts and suckers. This ensures that your trees continue to enjoy the adequate nutrients required for continuous growth and sustenance.

Corrective Pruning

Do you need tree pruning services after another company has over-pruned your trees? Rest assured that we can help. Our tree pruning experts at eos Tree Services can correct common over-pruning problems like thinning out, pruning too much from the crown, or trimmed leader.

Our arborist will perform a comprehensive inspection of your trees and correct the problem. We can also trim the branches in a way that encourages thicker foliage and growth.

No Lion Tailing

This method involves removing all of the interior branches of a tree while leaving small tufts of leaves at the top end of the branches. The outcome of this type of pruning leaves the tree looking like a lion’s tail. This technique is often detrimental to the tree if incorrectly done or done by an amateur.

Our tree pruning experts encounter this problem often and we know just how to address it. We will also walk you through the process to ensure that your tree never suffers such harm.

Our Tree Trimming Techniques

At eos Tree Services, we are transparent with our pruning and professional tree trimming services. Hiring us gives your tree a better chance of living healthily while also protecting you and your property from tree-related hazards. Some of the common tree pruning techniques we use include;

Tree Thinning

This involves removing entire branches from areas with dense foliage. This practice encourages main branches to grow stronger, longer, and healthier.

Heading Cuts

Heading cuts is done to encourage denser sprouts and growth. Our certified arborists oversee the process to ensure that the right cuts are made.

Growth Slowing Cuts

We help customers plan for their tree’s future. Sometimes, part of this planning requires slowing down the tree’s growth without harming it. Our arborists offer this as part of our fruit tree pruning service. We can also discuss other methods of healthily slowing down your tree’s growth with you.

Tree Shaping

This involves making precise cuts on the tree to encourage directional growth and is common to fallen or bent trees with huge survival potential. Our arborists will discuss their plans with you and help you through the process until the desired outcome is obtained.

Tree Limb Removal

Our arborists may also remove an entire tree limb during the pruning process. This may be to train the tree’s directional growth, prevent threats to surrounding properties, prevent tree injury arising from heavy storms, and increase the height of the lower tree canopies.

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What to Expect From Tree Cutting From Eos Tree Services:

Choosing us at eos Tree Services comes with clear expectations. Our arborists are happy to work with you to strengthen and improve your tree’s health. We are one call away from you. You can expect to;

Get a detailed inspection of your trees at the start of the service. At the end of the inspection, we advise you on the problems or otherwise, and how to address them.

Get a fair estimate based on your tree needs. Our pricing may not be the cheapest but we offer value for your money.

Get professional arborists with specialized equipment to safely prune your trees.

Get professional arborists with specialized equipment to safely prune your trees.

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