Watering Service For Your Lawn


Water is an important resource for maintaining a lush and green landscape. The right amount of water will help in achieving a green and well-tended lawn and landscape. Too little water can lead to dehydration and brown patches, while too much water can cause erosion, kill your grasses, and also cost more money.

Our watering services strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and results. We have trained, licensed, and experienced arborists who can design the right watering and irrigation solution for your landscape.

Why eos Outdoor Services

Buying an automatic sprinkler system costs about $4,000 or more just to water lawns. In addition to this upfront cost, you may spend more on installation and maintenance in the coming months. We, as landscape maintenance, save you from spending thousands of dollars with the potential for more recurrent costs. Our plant watering service is much more affordable and tailored to suit your specific needs.

How Our Watering Service Works

Our experienced arborists and landscapers will visit your property to determine the turf area that needs watering.

We determine the number of sprinkler setups your lawn needs for it to stay lush and green.

We offer a detailed estimate of our lawn watering service price and draw up an agreement.

Your Roles & Our Responsibilities

  • Customers provide accessible water and hoses
  • Our experts monitor your lawn health and adjust the watering regimen based on needs and weather.
  • We supply sprinklers and timers
  • We come to you during the summer months (June - August) to give your lawn a good soaking.

Watering Services FAQs

When do you water plants?

Our watering services are designed mainly for the summer months. We also offer custom watering schedules to meet customers’ needs. We water at ideal times, that is, early in the morning or late in the evening.

Why do you water during the summer months?

Summer months are usually characterized by high temperatures. High temperatures often necessitate more water for your plants and lawn to survive. Unlike during the summer months, plants do not require much water in cooler and wetter conditions.

Do you clean up after each appointment?

Yes. Our team is trained to clean up after each watering service is complete. You can expect to find your yard and lawn just as you left them.

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Is watering once a week enough?

Most experts agree that a good soaking once a week is ideal to keep your grasses active and nourished. At eos Outdoor Services, we prioritize deep watering. Our soak and wait method ensures that the soil takes in as much water as it needs without flooding it. The water reservoir in the soil caters to the plants all week long.