Weed Control Services For Your Lawn


Do you see unwanted growths when you look at your lawn? That’s a weed problem you have on your hands. Weeds are pesky, stubborn, and of no use. In fact, weeds compete for nutrients and space with your plants and may put your lawn and yard at risk. Leaving weeds unattended can quickly deteriorate the appearance and appeal of your property, hence the need to act quickly.

Here at eos Outdoor Services, we know how irritating weeds can be, so we offer a proven and effective weed control service to address the problem. We are backed by decades of experience in the landscaping business, and we focus on using the best approach to counter weed problems on your property. Need a company to address weed growth on your property? Call us. 

What to expect from Our Weed Removal Services

Our weeding services are effective and straight to the point. Upon application, you can expect the weeds to start drying up. The weeds are dead in a matter of days and will disappear in weeks. Our goal is to turn the unwanted growth into a nutrient source for your trees, grasses, and shrubs. We are happy to revisit your property to re-apply the solution if your weed problem resurfaces.

Our lawn weed control service is even more effective and safe when; 

EOS Lawn and Weed Control Services
Mowing a lawn with a lawn mower

You keep your kids and pets away from your lawn after application. We typically recommend keeping your loved ones away from the area for some hours to allow the product to dry.

You do not mow your lawn at least 24 hours after product application. We can mow your lawn before the product is applied or schedule lawn mowing later to ensure the effectiveness of the weed control product.

You do not water your lawn immediately after product application. Our landscapers and weed control professionals will answer any watering questions you may have after our weed removal service is complete.

You are patient with the process. Weed control often takes time. We use professional weed killer, which is guaranteed to do the job. Sometimes, we may need to re-apply the weed killer product to eliminate all weeds in your lawn effectively.

Our Weed Control Process

We as a landscape maintenance company understands that weeds can be stubborn and sometimes hard to kill. This is why we offer a comprehensive weed control process that involves multiple and repeat treatments until your lawn is weed-free.


Our landscapers will walk you through the terms of the repeat treatment and offer answers to any questions you may have regarding our weed control service, product, or others. Trust our certified applicators to follow up on your weed problems, use the right treatment, and deliver the desired outcomes.