Landscape Installation


Residential Landscape Installation Service with hundreds of satisfied customers

eos Outdoor Services came into business with one goal in mind – to offer customers a range of outdoor services that’ll beautify their properties and positively impact the community’s landscape. We have been doing this for years, making sure that each customer is satisfied with the quality of work we put into their project. Our outdoor services have grown over the years, and so has our commitment to our customers. Our Ellicott City landscape installation contractor service remains one of the most sought-after in the area because we pay attention to the customer’s needs, offer recommendations based on years of experience, and ultimately deliver a masterpiece that clients are happy with.

Our residential customers are happy to come home to a wonderful landscape that increases their home’s worth and encourages them to spend more time outdoors. Are you looking to improve your home’s value, spend more time outdoors, and make your property the envy of your neighborhood? eos Outdoor Services can help. Our reputation for customer satisfaction remains unrivaled. We are happy to schedule the most convenient time to meet and discuss your landscaping needs. Call us now to schedule an appointment.


Design / Build

Proper landscape planning, design, and build are essential to a masterpiece. When it comes to landscaping installation, our team does not cut corners, we go the long route to ensure the best outcome. Our primary design goal is to deliver a unique design that sets your home apart from the others in your neighborhood. We aim to reach the point where aesthetics meets functionality with each of our unique designs. Our landscapers are great listeners who combine your ideas with years of experience, share insights and modify the design goal to give you the best ever imagined landscape.

Our landscape design process is comprehensive and you can expect to be carried along at each step. Our landscapers in Ellicott City will answer any questions you may have regarding the project and keep you

After agreeing on a suitable design for your landscaping project, our team prepares a quote and presents it to you. We aim for a transparent and accountable relationship with each of our customers and can deliver landscaping services that fit all budgets. Our installation team is on the ground and ready to kickstart the build process whenever you’re ready. Our landscaping design and build services cut across service needs like;

  • Complete landscape renovations
  • Native and drought-resistant plant landscapes
  • Shade and ornamental tree planting
  • Shrubs planting
  • Ground cover plants
  • Installation of sods and turfs
  • Planting of annual and perennial color flowers

Whether you are tired of your current landscape design, want your lawn in Ellicott City replaced with sod and turf, or have left your lawn and garden unattended for the longest possible time, eos Outdoor Services is the answer to your landscape installation near me search. Our Ellicott City landscape installation contractors can give you an installation that beats your imagination and fits your home perfectly. At eos Outdoor Services, we help create the perfect first impression.

As your choice landscape design and landscape installation contractor in Ellicott City, rest assured that we pride ourselves on showing customers what we can do. We not only tell you what to expect at the end of the project, but we show you! Whether you need a walkway, water feature, or lawn, sod, and turf installation in Ellicott City our design experts will get to work on bringing your ideas to life. Our main goal is to go above and beyond your expectations at all stages, whether design or installation. Contact us today to discuss all of your landscaping needs.


Water Features

When you want to go beyond the basic landscape installation services, eos Outdoor Services has the answer that you need. We have been in business for years and have helped many customers install the perfect water features that highlight and beautify their homes. Our landscaping installation team has the experience and expertise that you need. We can work with you at all stages of your construction, whether from scratch or if you need additional landscaping features.

Our water feature offerings include;

  • Waterfalls
  • Pool design and installation
  • Garden stream planning and installation
  • Water gardens
  • Fountains
  • Water walls
  • Bubbling urns and pots
  • Water bowls

Our variety of water features is available for you to choose from. Our Ellicott City landscape installation contractors are also happy to discuss your needs and offer relevant recommendations to improve the project outcome. We have everything it takes to provide the solution you need, whether you are looking to install water ponds or add a water feature to your existing landscape. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

Eos-blog-featured-2020-oct-commercial landscape lighting

Lighting Services

Your landscape isn’t complete without the perfect lighting to show it off, even in the nighttime. At eos Outdoor Services, trust that our landscapers have the solutions that you need. As your residential landscape installation service provider, we will walk you through the various lighting solutions we offer to beautify your home. We also offer custom lighting services, making sure that your ideas are spiced up to create a sophisticated outcome.

Our landscape lighting service include;

  • Arbor lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Outdoor living lighting
  • Deck and patio lighting
  • Pathway lighting

Our residential lighting system adds appeal to your property at night and improves your security. Our team will walk you through the stages and work within your budget to create the perfect outcome.

eos Outdoor Services is one call away! Contact us today to schedule your landscaping installation, landscaping design, landscape maintenance and landscape installation contractor consultation in Ellicott City. We will work around your schedule to deliver the best results!