For The Health, Beauty & Safety Of Your Trees Commercial & Residential Tree Care Services

Whatever your tree care needs are, the arborists and crews at eos Tree Services will handle it with care, expert knowledge, and the utmost professionalism.

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Stump Removal and Grinding

Unattended tree stumps constitute a safety risk to you, your home, and your loved ones. Leaving tree stumps unattended can invite pest problems, put your foundation and underground structures at risk, and create liability issues. eos Tree Services save you from these risks.

Our tree stump removal service ensures that all tree stumps on your property are properly removed. We have the right team and tools to get the job done. Our tree stump removal crew will come to you as quickly as possible to address the problem and prevent associated risks.


Tree Cabling Bracing

Is your tree bent or unstable? Has your tree been affected by a heavy storm or wind? You may need tree cabling and bracing service.

eos Tree Services offer tree cabling and bracing solutions to help restore your tree to its normal erect position. We understand that the effect of heavy winds can cause your trees to lean to their sides. We help prevent tree-related hazards and restore your tree’s health through our cabling and bracing services. Contact our emergency tree cabling and bracing crew to get started and avert tree-related disasters.


Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree maintenance is the #1 key to enjoying the many benefits and advantages of having a tree on your property. Keep your trees healthy and safe with experienced local tree trimming services.

Our tree trimming experts at eos Tree Services have years of experience. We are familiar with tree trimming and pruning best practices and can help you avoid tree-related hazards. Improve your tree’s health, encourage new growth, and enjoy the advantages of having a tree on your property by choosing our tree maintenance services.


Tree Inspection

Tree inspection is an essential part of keeping your tree healthy and safe. Inspection services help to identify common problems like pests and diseases, leaning, nutrient loss, exposed tree roots, etc. Regular tree inspections can also help to avert common tree-related hazards like fallen branches and fallen trees.


eos Tree Services has experienced arborists providing tree inspection services across all locations we serve. Our tree inspectors are available to address your emergency and non-emergency inspection needs and recommend the right steps to ensure tree health and environmental safety.

Contact us for professional tree care services.