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Offering flexible budget options with different materials

In Ellicott City, retaining walls can be used in many ways. They can be added as part of your home’s landscape design or to solve bigger problems. Irrespective of the goal, the job ought to be done right, and that is why our community trusts us at eos Outdoor Services. At eos Outdoor Services in Ellicott City. At eos Outdoor Services, our retaining wall contractors have been in business for years and are ready to work with you to make your next project a success. As a full-service residential and commercial landscaper in Ellicott City, trust that we have

Our retaining wall contractors in Ellicott City can solve common problems like soil erosion with the right retaining wall design. We can also install retaining walls as part of a larger project to serve as a soil-retaining barrier for your garden or along highways. Contact us for your project, irrespective of how small or large it may be. 

Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls have become a huge part of landscaping design for many homes. At eos Outdoor Services, we have installed many water-retaining walls for our customers, and it is amazing how they were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of their properties when we completed the project. While retaining walls can be used to solve water-related problems, they can also serve the dual purpose of improving your home’s look and appeal.

There are many reasons why you need a retaining wall in your home. One best way to answer your question is to schedule a consultation meeting with us. Our landscaping contractors will come to you, inspect your property, ask some questions, and address any of your concerns.

We often recommend retaining walls for different reasons, including;

Make The Best Use of Land

Retaining walls can be used to improve the size of usable land on your property. We have installed retaining walls for Ellicott City customers with the sole purpose of creating a terrace of usable land on slopes. Not only does this counter the problem of erosion but it also makes abandoned land usable. So, if you have land that slopes off, we can help.

Manage Erosion

Installing retaining walls in Ellicott City for water runoff and erosion control purposes is very common. We have installed many of these over the years and have helped many customers battle the effect of erosion and water damage. You can finally get the best out of your garden with retaining walls without losing the best soil to nearby areas.

Extra Outdoor Seating

Residential retaining walls are good for many reasons, including the provision of extra seating outdoors. You can count on your retaining walls to serve your family and guests during any gathering, whether it is a birthday, graduation, or even during the holidays.

eos Outdoor Services recommends residential and commercial retaining walls to customers who;

  • Need a way to control surface runoff or downhill erosion. Our retaining wall experts in Ellicott City may likely suggest retaining walls as a solution to curb clogging caused by erosion materials.
  • Live in areas that are downhill from soil fault lines. We inspect your property’s topography and determine the best way to approach the project.
  • Are threatened by foundation problems. Whether you’re dealing with potential water damage or already suffering foundation cracks, retaining walls from our erosion control and water runoff experts in Ellicott CIty can curb the problem.

Building a retaining wall is one of the most important services that we offer. As your retaining wall experts in Ellicott City, trust that we will walk you through the process and keep you updated from start till finish.

Retaining Wall Design Options

Here at eos Outdoor Services, we understand the importance of choices and options. Our team, therefore, ensures that customers are presented with an array of options to choose from when they contact us. For your flood retaining walls, we offer a variety of options that give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Some of the common options our local retaining wall builders offer include; 


Timber Walls

Timber walls are recommended to customers who aren’t faced with real threats but wish to install retaining walls for aesthetic purposes. This type of retaining wall is the least expensive, offers great visuals for the property, but may not be as durable as other retaining wall options.

Interlocking Blocks or Poured Concrete

This type of retaining wall leverages the strength and porosity of concrete. It is available in a variety of designs and pairs well with most types of property.

Natural Stone

Natural stone retaining walls are quite expensive but make up for the cost with their aesthetics and functionality. They are considered the most attractive retaining wall material and are durable.

As your retaining wall contractor, trust us to recommend and guide you through the different options while working within your budget to solve your problems.

Top Rated Retaining Wall Services in Ellicott City, Maryland

Types of Retaining Walls

eos Outdoor Services installs all types of retaining walls to meet customers’ specific needs. Some of the common types of retaining walls we offer include;

Gravity Walls

We install gravity retaining walls that leverage the earth’s gravitational pull and heavy materials to prevent soil movement. This is a great option for many customers in areas that experience extreme soil movement.

Cantilever Walls

This type of retaining wall is shaped like an inverted T. We use this type of retaining wall to resist heavy pressure on sloped surfaces.

Piling Walls

This is a strong and sturdy solution that involves driving some of the retaining wall materials underground.

Anchored Walls

We often combine anchors with other construction methods to offer extra support for our customers. This type of retaining wall offers improved protection.

When you need a professional to handle your landscaping design, installation, and retaining wall needs, contact us at eos Outdoor Services. Our experts can schedule a consultation meeting with you quickly. We will work closely with you and around your schedule – irrespective of how busy it can be. Trust our team to use quality materials and deliver a masterpiece that will put your mind at ease.