Stormwater Management And Repair Service


Proactive maintenance programs and repairs for stormwater management facilities


Repair, Replace, Restore, Upgrade, Maintain

Facility Maintenance Programs

Stay in Compliance With Stormwater Regulations

Prevent Large Repair Bills

Ensure Your Water Quality Meets Requirements

Maintenance of stormwater management facilities is typically the property owner's responsibility. eos outdoor services provides proactive maintenance programs and repairs to stormwater management facilities to ensure all systems are efficiently helping you meet requirements for water quantity and quality.

You can rest easy knowing that eos outdoor services is recognized by the Howard County DPW Bureau of Environmental Services as a Contractor for both aboveground and underground stormwater management facility maintenance.


Vegetation Management

Remove and/or contain any unwanted and invasive plant material from your facility, regular mowing, and management of any other plant material.

Sediment Control

Remove buildup of sediment from forebays, inlets, outfalls, swales, catch basins, and other structures.

Erosion Control

Repair and remediate any erosion or unstable soil (including destabilization due to animal burrows) in and around your facility.

Rip-Rap & Gabions

Repair, re-establish, and clean the rip rap stones or gabion stones in the outlets, inlets, dams, and other structures.

Structural Repairs

Repair or replace the structural components, such as drainage channels, retention ponds, and inlets.

Bioretention Area Maintenance

Maintenance of bioretention areas to aid in control of sediment and pollutants, prevent excessive overgrowth, and improve appearance.

As a property owner or manager, you’re legally responsible for ensuring that your property’s stormwater facilities are properly maintained and function as designed.

Most facilities are inspected by the County every three years. To ensure that you're fully compliant with all rules and requirements, and to prevent large repair bills, it's important to perform regular maintenance.

We work with you to provide the right maintenance solutions that ensure water runoff is appropriately collected and controlled, and that your facility meets local regulations.

Stay in compliance with County requirements



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